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Cheryl R

Hoboken NJ

I have worked in the fitness industry for many years as a group exercise instructor specializing in spin & strength conditioning coach. I’m also a triathlete. This has puts me in unique position to know who to go to for my fitness needs. Victor at VBMFITNESS is that individual. His knowledge, skills, humor and communication skill made it an easy choice. I have been working with him for years as a personal training client, as part of group class and up until recently and a co-worker. Victor is both a trainer for beginners & trainer of trainer. His workouts are both engaging and are suited to my very varied needs. Our sessions are fun, educational and challenging. I am always eager to find out what he has in-store for the day. I highly recommend Victor as your fitness choice.

Sherry G

Brooklyn NY

Living in Brooklyn and working in Hoboken is a daily challenge which makes it difficult to find time to work out.  So when I found out that my gym was in Hoboken I decided to work out during my lunch time.  The first thing I did was sign up for an introductory fitness session where I met Victor.  Since I had a few health concerns like arthritis of the neck/spine as well as double knee replacements, I had a lifetime of issues to overcome.  First thing Victor did was access me and then customized a program just for me.  Not only did he build my strength but he boosted my confidence as well.  So now a year later I feel fit mentally and physically. 

I am the kind of person that does not like to work out considering my physical issues, but I look forward to working with Victor.  It is because of him that I go to the gym at all.  Some exercises are difficult me but Victor is creative and supportive of my efforts that I feel good about myself.  I strive to do better every time I go.  I have never been this fit in my life.


Thanks to Victor I feel invincible. 

RoseAnn Purdy

Hoboken NJ


Victor Maldonado has been very instrumental in my quest for fitness. I first hired Victor as my personal trainer 2 years ago and was very pleased with his demeanor and determination to prepare the best possible fitness program specifically tailored to my needs.

He is very encouraging as well as professional, listening to any concerns I may have. I would recommend him to anyone who needs that extra push, he definitely motivates me to work harder to reach the fitness goals I desire.


Betsy C

Hoboken NJ

I have been training with Victor for a long time now and his workouts never fail to push me to my limits and keep me engaged. Love the variety with bootcamp, boxing, weight training and all sorts of other things I never considered doing before. I have noticed considerable differences in my body and posture for the better.  
Victor has helped me to improve my weak points and works on ensuring the workout is targeted towards my needs and abilities.

Aaron D

Jersey City NJ

I have been working with Victor for 3 years. He provides an excellent workout  for each individual's needs. His workouts are fun, challenging, and creative each time. I strongly recommend him as a trainer.


Nicholas C

Jersey City NJ

I have been training with Victor for a number of years now. His workouts are great. He tailors them to my level and skill. He keeps my interest by varying the workout from session to session. I really enjoy the boxing lessons - Victor focus on the technique which is great and provides an excellent workout.

Debbie S

Hoboken NJ

Victor is great at what he does. A true professional. 
He has trained me in boxing, kickboxing, MMA and personal training for 10+ years. 
Love that he personalizes the workouts to suit individuals skill levels and interests. 
His boxing, kickboxing and MMA classes are phenomenal. He's always pushing you to do more than you think you can and correcting your form so that you are doing it safely and learning proper technique. Not all instructors do that.  
He is also great at personal training on weights, TRX and kettle bells. Also always making sure your technique and form are correct and switching up the routine so you are never bored. 

I highly recommend him in all areas of personal fitness. He is a skilled and motivating instructor.

Keith H

Hoboken NJ

I have been training with Victor for about five years. When I started I was already in my early 40s and had never taken on a serious exercise regimen or even gone to an actual gym. Victor has a very fun and friendly approach to kicking your ass. He has done a great job helping me push through multiple comfort levels while at the same time showing total empathy for where I was at at the time. Victor really knows his stuff and his focus on proper form makes me feel like I understand my own body better in ways that help in day to day life as well as in the gym. I had been an avid jogger earlier in life but thought that was over for me because of knee problems. Victor turned me into the runner I thought I could never be both through the proper, necessary and often overlooked strength training needed to prepare the body for running and guiding my form while I was on the treadmill. That's one of a long list of physical feats I wouldn't have imagined myself being able to do that I ended up doing with Victor's guidance and encouragement. Whether you're interested in strength training, bodyweight exercises, cardio, stretching or combat sports, kettle bells, TRX or whatever else you can think of, Victor has the expertise to help you. I could not recommend him more highly.

Anthony T

Jersey City NJ

I've been training with victor for a while now.  I am a physical therapist and he really tailors the workouts to my weaknesses which is what I do with my patients. He is always asking me what I want to work on and what I want to change, and modifying appropriately. I highly recommend him. Give him a try. You will not be disappointed.