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Pricing & Plans

pt pricing

Small Group Classes

Small group classes are offered on a regular basis at my location and around Hoboken & vicinity. Classes are $10 per person and are non-refundable. You can pay in cash the day of or pay in advance via Paypal (just include note in payment of the date of the class you are taking).

Current class being offered Boxing skills and Conditioning Bootcamp  on Saturday at 11am

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How to purchase personal training


via venmo

( You would need to create an account with them to be able send payment if you already ).

Via Credit card

(Just bring it in with you during your training session and swipe the card. Sorry I do not accept card over the phone.)

Contact me and we can discuss what options work best for you and your schedule. 

All prices are subject to tax and transaction fee

My Location

I train out of my building gym on the southwest side of Hoboken 75 Jackson Street. Come on over!  Use my cool gear and play with the recovery pup.