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Hey gym rats we last spoke about conserving space and some money. Kettlebells are a great why to do so. But only if you buy the right set for your fitness goals. Kettle bells like dumbbells are versatile in their use and ranges of weight. We today can buy them in set of  5lbs and as heavy as 200lbs. There are adjustable versions that can cover 5  lbs to 35 lbs which are great for those of us who have limited space and need slight raising or lowering of weights as needed. I currently employ 2 adjustable kettlebells; the first set range is 9 lbs -25 lbs and the second set 35lbs to 70.5 lbs . My purchase of $250 instead of $780.


So I guess what I'm saying is 2 adjustable kettlebells and better than 13 kettlebells at least in conservation of space in you wallet .