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Hola gang! Today we see what's best to buy the in the realm of adjustable kettle bells. Not to sound like an old timer, aka your grandpa, but back when I was trying to buy a kettlebell there were not too may choices. You now are over loaded with a gambit of adjustable kettlebells. I have said before: choose for the workout goals you are working towards. 

Here are a few I think can help you. But before we get in to that lets think of a few common goals :

  • Various weight selection
  • Ease of of weight transition 
  • Feel of handle or bell in the hand or on the arm 

Here are some Adjustable kettlebell options :

Stamina Adjustable kettle bell weight range 16 lbs - 36 lbs. it has a traditional shape of the handle and the ball but it has a release lever on the side. $130 

Kettleblocks 40 the Powerblocks  version of Kettlebells. Weight range 8 lbs to 40 lbs . Not a traditional design ; a cube with a handle. I personally not a fan cause there are exercise in the kettlebell routine that the cube shape would make for a difficult training session. $199

Ironmaster Quick lock adjustable Kettebell. QLKB empty handle weight:  22.5 lbs
Weight range using QLDB standard locking screws:  22.5 - 57.5 lbs.
Weight range using the QLDB Add on Kit locking screws:  57.5-80 lbs.
Adjustable in 2.5 lb increments. Bell shape is Cubed also but it has an beveled top which could make for a good bell for most exercise in the Kettlebell routine. Another perk is if you already have or are planing to buy dumbbells  and a barbells set you can interchange the weights ; another space saver. $99 For the base handle to $209 for handle and additional weights.

THE KETTLECLAMP Roguefitness kettebell solution. Weight range is dependent on the dumbbell you use. the specs say holds up to 1000lbs. Design is not a kettlebell so most traditional kettlebell exercises may not work as well. You can think of this as a back-end space saver. For instance, you already have bought an entire weight set and looking for a space saver kettlebell solution. $199

These are but a few solutions to help you on your kettlebell purchases,