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When I started to thinking about buying dumbbells I had cost, storage space and ease of use- aka adjusting from one exercise and relating weight for said exercise, in mind. 

I chose the the Bowflex 220 and its beast of a big brother- Bowflex 1090. In the previous blog post the the Bowflex 220 (2 lbs to 20 lbs) was not mentioned due to it being a discontinued product from their company. So this placed me in a position to have multiple weights ranging from 2 lbs all the way to 90 lbs per dumbbell . The great thing about dumbbells -you are able to do various types of workouts from core to maximum strength training. I find the adjustable easy to use and change weights during the workout with out losing too much time. My current fitness goals with the dumbbells are full body interval training with minimal rest between exercises. Example :
  • 120 lbs chest press (each bell 60lbs)
  • bent over row 90 lbs (each bell 45lbs)
  • squat curl shoulder press 70lbs (each bell 35lbs) 

With a twist on each bell, on both sides, the dial of the weight choices is fast and my heart rate drops very little if any. 

Now if your goal is to lift very heavy to failure you will need to purchase dumbbells that can withstand being possibly dropped and/or treated roughly.  I would still buy the adjustable for when you cycle to lower weight training but then buy some heavy weight rubberized; this will protect you and your floors when you could drop it on the failure rep.

It was mentioned earlier in the post about core training with dumbbells. It is usually done with lower to medium heavy weight for endurance reps and sets aka 20 reps 3-4 sets.

example: renegade row side plank with dumbbell tuck. 

If your workout includes balancing on the weight then you may need to purchase very sturdy dumbbells in the weight range you can use to perform the workout. 

Adjustable dumbbells are still my favorite type of weights for general fitness until you progress to more fitness goal specific, at which time you may need to expand to a few more rugged type of weights.